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10th Year for TLH and ‘Get into Hospitality’ Programme

27 May 2022

Our Training and Development Manager Mary-Ann Fudge has been dedicated to running ‘Get into Hospitality’ programme since TLH connected with the Prince’s Trust in 2013. ‘I realised from the start that this programme was so rewarding for the young people and TLH. I have learnt so much from working with them all! Being able to support and encourage them to be themselves, and seeing them grow in confidence and gain employment has been a real pleasure. They have been guided through the experience by the TLH team who were very welcoming. There will be ongoing support from the Prince’s Trust for these young people if they need it. It’s been a great relationship over the years and one which I hope will continue’.

The programme was a great success this year and TLH has employed Tiffany, Ryan, Kalem and Aimee. Many of the participants gained Level 2 Food Safety and Emergency First Aid qualifications.

Aimee – TLH Carlton Hotel kitchen

Aimee started work in the TLH Carlton kitchen and has been doing very well. Mike Roberts, our TLH Carlton Hotel Head Chef said  ‘Aimee is our little shining star, she is doing so well. Aimee has grown in confidence since working in the TLH Carlton Kitchen, she always works with a massive smile and often takes over the music choice in the kitchen!’

Kalem – Aztec Games

Kalem really liked working in Aztec Games. Our Aztec Games Manager, Zoe,  rewarded Kalem with a permanent role on the Aztec Games Team. Chris Brimicombe, TLH Victoria Assistant Hotel Manager, said ‘We really like Kalem. He is chilled and a pleasant young man, who works hard and fits in really well. It’s nice to have him on the TLH Team.’

Ryan – TLH Derwent Hotel kitchen

Ryan made a very good impression on the programme. He was honest about his condition and the troubles he had experienced in his life. Ryan was offered a job in the TLH Derwent Kitchen. TLH Derwent Head Chef, Andy Johnston told us that: ‘Ryan is a good worker and is doing really well. We want to support Ryan and ensure he has a successful and long career at TLH. We are still gaining support from the Trust to ensure Ryan manages his condition and time management.’ Well done to Ryan for doing so well.

Tiffany – TLH Toorak Hotel reception

Tiffany started working on the TLH Toorak Hotel reception and is doing brilliantly. Duty Manager, Josh Proctor,  was singing her praises ‘Tiffany has been so supportive especially for me as a new manager. I would not have learnt the things I have in reception if Tiffany wasn’t there to guide and support me. She doing so well!’ We are so pleased for Tiffany who has shown great determination to get to this point despite her sight impairment. Prior to taking part in the programme, Tiffany found it difficult to secure employment.

In their own words

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Since their time during the programme ended it’s been great to see them all doing so well. To find out more about the Prince’s Trust and how you can take part, visit their website for more information.

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