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6 Ways to Care for your Hands this Winter

1 September 2021

Although we are not fully in the cold grip of winter, the crisp Autumn winds are truly setting in. Our hands may be the last on our list of skincare thoughts but they are the first to feel the exposure to cold winds which causes dryness, peeling and cracking. Take the chance to treat your hand to the same TLC you would normally give to your hands.


Hand-washing has become part of our daily ritual over the past 18 months but the constant washing can strip natural oils from our skin. So drop the perfumed and aggressive liquid so in favour of warm water (not hot) and find some hand soap with ingredients such as lanolin and glycerine which will waterproof and soften the outer most part of your skin.


We wouldn’t think twice about exfoliating our body and face but we often overlook the benefits our hands would gain from the same treatment. It’s a great way of removing dead skin cell and discovering the new, fresh skin beneath. If you skin is sore and cracked, avoid exfoliating. Instead, make sure your hands are healed fully before using an exfoliator.

Hand cream


The best time to moisturise your hands is night time using a cream or ointment, rather than a lotion. Petroleum jelly is really effective and it can be found in many ointments.

Don’t forget your gloves

Once the temperatures really start to drop, a good pair of comfortable gloves are the best way to protect your hands from the harsh weather and will protect your skin from drying out.


Nourishing creams and masks

Why not try a hydrating treatment for your hands? Lots of brands have created ultra-nourishing hand masks in the form of gloves soaked in hydrating ingredients that repair and moisturise dry skin. If your hands are more dry and cracked than soft and supple, try one specifically for this problem.

Hand massage Aztec Spa

Book yourself in for a manicure

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