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What technology is involved in a BIOTEC Facial?

11 October 2021

As we age and our lifestyles change, our skin loses energy, leaving it looking dull and tired and in need of a powerful wake – up call. Here at the Aztec Spa in Torquay we are proud advocates of the energising skincare system BIOTEC. The facial works by actively boosting skins energy giving you noticeable results straight away.

There are five different technologies which can be used in combination as part of a ELEMIS BIOTEC facial. Each technology has a different effect on the skin and all are painless. Below is a list of all the technologies, what they offer and the effect they have on your skin.


The only aesthetic technology which can physically firm and tone the skin. Facial muscles are gently re-educated with small pulses of micro-current.


The Ultrasonic spatula delivers 27,000 vibrations per second to the skin via a quartz head. These rapid vibrations push skin impurities to the surface and has an exfoliating effect. This provided results similar to microdermabrasion but in a gentler and less aggressive way.


BIOTEC Technology



The two step process of Galvanic uses positively and negatively charged ions to push active products deeper in to the skin, making them far more effective at a deeper level. This really helps minimise the effects of stress and tiredness on the skin.

Oxygen Infusion

Oxygen therapy uses powerful bursts of compressed air to infuse the skin with a combination of 95% pure oxygen with selected high potent products. This will visibly plump out lines and increase firmness.

Light Therapy

This technology emits energy in the form of red or blue light using LED stimulation. Red light assists cell growth and encourages increased lymphatic glow. Blue light has a calming and anti-irritant effect and is useful in killing bacteria.


BIOTEC Rollers

See our list of ELEMIS BIOTEC facial treatments on our Aztec Spa page and choose the right treatment to suit your skin type. The Aztec Spa in Torquay is the only spa that is offering ELEMIS BIOTEC facial treatments currently, so why not take advantage and treat yourself! FIND OUT MORE

To book call us on 01803 400190.

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