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KB Sounds Interview: A chat with TLH’s popular DJ entertainer

31 January 2019

KB Sounds Interview

Kevin Bunclark is KB Sounds, is one of our most popular entertainers here at TLH Leisure Resort. He’s a one-man complete package of music, dancing, comedy and all-round DJ and entertainer!

A Westcountry boy, born and bred, KB brings you the right mix of music at the right volume so everyone, no matter what age can enjoy the entertainment. He’s a keen dancer himself and frequently takes to the floor to join in the fun.

Kevin entertains at TLH 2 nights a week, Thursday and Sunday evenings in the Starlight Lounge at the Derwent Hotel. He plays a variety of hits from the 50s (and earlier) to the present day, from music for ballroom dancing , linedancing , country dancing plus all your favourite disco and rock ‘n’ roll tunes. He also organises daft fun and party games, so it’s always a great time when Kevin’s around!

We were delighted to have the opportunity to sit and chat Kevin so he could tell us a bit more about how he started working in the entertainment industry and about the type of DJ entertainment he performs at TLH. You can watch the full video below.

When did you start entertaining and DJ’ing? What got you into it?

Kevin: I’ve been DJ entertaining for about 20 years now. DJ’ing is something I’ve always wanted to do, even from a very young age of around 8-9 years old. I had a record player in a suitcase in my bedroom and my parents gave me a few records from their 50’s and 60’s collection to play and I used to sit in my bedroom and put one record on and then talk while getting ready to play the next record. So it’s a passion I’ve always had to be a DJ since I was a kid. I was given the chance many years ago to help a local DJ and I moved on from there and I’m DJing myself, to local venues. Pubs, clubs and now hotels.

How long have you been performing here at TLH?

Kevin: I think it’s about 20 years but I’m not overly sure. It’s been a long time but I’ve enjoyed every function that I’ve done here, and every evening that I’ve entertained both the adults and the children!

What kind of thing do you do on stage?

Kevin: On stage it’s about music, it’s about dancing. I like my ballroom dancing. I like my Latin American dancing. I like line dancing, I like disco dancing. I like party dancing. I like dancing in general and it’s great to have everybody involved in those things.

What do the guests enjoy most?

Kevin: I think the guests enjoy the interaction. They get involved in the evening; we leave the stage and venture onto the dance floor. And they’re involved in line dancing and party dancing. We also do a quiz which involves two sides of the room. It always causes a great atmosphere, which is built by asking simple questions like ‘who knows this song?’, ‘who knows that song?’ and the audience get very excited and passionate about winning.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not on stage?

Kevin: When I’m not on stage, I love taking time out. I love spending time with my family. I do a lot of fishing, I like my coarse fishing. I don’t catch a great deal but I just enjoy the peace and quiet. I also like a game of golf as well. And I like walking across Dartmoor and over towards Haytor, up Haytor rock and down again. It’s a nice spot to walk.

When can our guests see you over the next few months?

Kevin: We’ve got two dance breaks coming up that the guests can join us on, one at the Toorak Hotel and one at the Victoria Hotel. And those breaks are for Ballroom, Sequence, Latin American and Line Dancing.

Upcoming Dance Breaks

18th February 2019 – Party & Social Dance Break

Kevin’s next dance break is on 18th February 2019 and includes 4 nights stay in the TLH Toorak Hotel. You can now book this dance break for just £206pp. Click here for more details.

6th October 2019 – Party & Social Dance Break

KB Sounds is also running a dance break on 6th October 2019 and includes 5 nights stay in the TLH Victoria Hotel. You can now book this dance break for just £290pp. Click here for more details.

KB Sounds Dance Break

When you stay at any of the hotels in the TLH Leisure Resort you’ll have access to all our outstanding leisure facilities. You can even join in on our nightly entertainment every night of the year, so you’ll never be short of something to do!

If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, call the TLH dance expert, Linda on 01803 400147. She’s full of excellent advice and will help you to find your perfect dance break!

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