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Mah-Jong Breaks at TLH Leisure Resort

28 July 2023

What is Mah-Jong?

Mah-Jong is a traditional Chinese board game, in which players must match or sequence a set of patterned tiles. There are a wide variety of forms of Mah-Jong which makes things somewhat difficult for anyone trying to find the definitive set of rules. The first rules given here are based on the original Chinese game which is the simplest and probably the most skilful form. Also given are additional rules for the British game. This version differs slightly to the typical Chinese game because only one chow is allowed per hand and the Chinese game has fewer “special hands”. Some will find the British game more interesting than the Chinese game but the Chinese game is more elegant and traditional.

Mah-Jong Break at TLH Leisure Resort.

Mah-Jong Break at the TLH Carlton Hotel, Torquay part of Leisure Resort.

Mon 29 Jan – Fri 2 Feb 2024, 4 nights!

Following the success of the two previous Mah-Jong breaks at TLH Leisure Resort which were organised very successfully by Mr David Heffill, we have been contacted by a number of people who are interested in continuing these breaks. Mah-Jong sessions will be available each afternoon and evening
in the Riviera Ballroom which has outstanding views of the sea. The room will be set up for your comfort and enjoyment for playing each afternoon and evening. While some clubs may prefer to bring their own Mah-Jong sets, we will also have sets available.

This break includes:

  •  Dinner, bed and breakfast
  •  Use of leisure facilities
  •  Daily Mah-Jong sessions


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