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Things to do at February Half Term

2 January 2024

Whether you’re thinking of visiting the English Riviera or are fortunate enough to live in this beautiful part of the country, there are so many things to do with the family during February half term.

Origins of art at Kents Cavern

This February half term, delve into adventure on a guided tour of Kents Cavern, a place that was once home to your prehistoric ancestors and extinct animals! Their event over half term is ‘Origins Of Art’: People have been creating art for thousands of years. Way back in the Stone Age people were carving figurines, painting inside caves, making jewellery and even creating music!

  • Create a piece of Stone Age art in the cave whilst listening to music played through a flute made from a Vulture wing bone, like one found in Isturiz cave in France.
  • Check out the Palaeo Table in the Stone Age Zone and learn how Stone Age people made paint with ochre, how Stone Age people drilled holes in shells and teeth to make jewellery and discover the strange and familiar shapes that Stone Age people carved into stones.
  • Create your own piece of art out of clay. Use your clay to make either a tooth for a necklace, fashion it into a piece of pottery that can be decorated or try and make your very own Stone Age inspired sculpture.
  • Discover important conservation work being done to record all instances of historic graffiti inside the cave and see pictures of areas off the showcave path where the graffiti can be found. FIND OUT MORE
Torquay Museum – A British Museum Touring Exhibition EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHS: UNLOCK THE MYSTERY

Unlock the mystery of Egyptian hieroglyphs and discover how their decipherment revealed three thousand years of human history.

Between March 2023 and February 2024, the fascinating story of how hieroglyphs were decoded will be celebrated in a national touring exhibition with Torquay Museum being the last stop on the tour. This follows the major show at the British Museum, marking the bicentenary of this breakthrough.

The family-friendly touring exhibition incorporates interactive elements to tell the story. It introduces visitors to great pioneers like Jean-Francois Champollion, who undertook revolutionary work on deciphering the ancient Egyptian language. Objects on display include an extract from the Book of the Dead, belonging to the priestess Nestanebetisheru, and a large limestone lintel revealing the name of Pharoah Ramses III. Join us on a journey to unearth the central role hieroglyphs played in the life and afterlife of the ancient Egyptians. find out more

Zog activity trails – A ‘roar-some’ family day out Haldon Forest

Get ready to head out with Zog on his latest forest adventure! With colourful panels, fun activity pack and an amazing new augmented reality Zog app to guide you, follow the trail to find out how your little dragons can help care for the forest, others and themselves.

With trails all across England, download the app, grab your trail pack, and enjoy the perfect family day out near you! FIND OUT MORE

Discover the great outdoors!

The great outdoors offers a wide range of activities, From bird watching and guided walks to meeting the animals at Occombe Farm, whatever you enjoy doing, there is something for everyone. If you like history, the Napoleonic Forts to at Berry Head National Nature Reserve, part of the English Riviera’s designated UNESCO Global Geopark, are a must to visit. Lots of activities are organised by Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust and you can discover part of the 630-mile South West Coast Path on foot or by bike.

Try Geocaching!

Geocaching is a great free outdoor recreational activity, in which ‘Geocachers’ use GPS or an app on their mobile device to hide and seek containers called ‘geocaches’ or ‘caches’ anywhere in the world. And it can be done at any time of year! Simply download the app and start hunting. Read our blog for a guide to Geocaching in Torquay.


Take advantage of our full Entertainments Programme

If you’re staying with us at TLH Leisure Resort, you won’t even have to step outside the door for day and night long entertainment and activities. Our full programme of Entertainment offers everything from crafts to quizzes and every evening you’ll find a choice of live family entertainment to keep all ages happy. Come rain or shine enjoy your February family half term break here in Torquay!

Explore Aztec Leisure at TLH Leisure Resort

Whether you are staying with us or not, our Aztec Leisure facilities are open to the public. Take advantage of a Dip ‘n’ Dine in our Aztec pool and Bistro or you can visit Aztec Games for a wide range of indoor activities.

Aztec Games, Torquay

Call us on 01803 400500 or go to

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