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TLH Christmas Fun Facts

1 December 2022

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! That’s right, the festive season is fast approaching, so let’s warm up with these facts about Christmas and kickstart the festivities!

1) Christmas Day was once banned in the UK

Back in 1647, Parliament brought in a regulation to abolish Christmas Day! This lasted for 13 years from 1947 – 1660! The ban included all the kingdoms of England – which included Wales at the time – as well as Scotland and Ireland. History suggests that Oliver Cromwell was the 17th Century Grinch Who Stole Christmas – but in fact it was Parliament who made the damning declaration.

2) Red, Gold and Green Christmas colours all have meaning.

Gold is one of the gifts from the three kings, green represents everlasting life and red represents the blood of Christ.

3) Jingle Bells was the first song played in space!

During NASA’s Gemini 6A space flight on the 16th of December 1965, Jingle Bells broke a Guinness World Record for being the first song to be played in space!

4) The largest Ginger Bread House ever made was the size of an actual house!

A 21 foot high gingerbread house in Texas set the world record. Coming in at 35.8 million calories and covering an area of 2,520 square feet, or nearly the size of a tennis court. 1,800 pounds of butter used in the recipe. 7,200 eggs. 7,200 pounds of flour. Find out more

5) People in Japan eat KFC on Christmas Day!

6) Rudolph was a marketing creation

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has become an big part of Christmas culture, and we all know the story of poor Rudolph trying to fit in with Santa’s other reindeer. But did you know that he was created for a marketing campaign.

TLH Christmas Fun Facts

At TLH Christmas is a very busy time! November and December are very festive months at TLH. We have our ever popular Turkey & Tinsel breaks, followed by the Christmas season itself, so you can imagine we order a lot of festive items!

Some fun facts about Christmas at TLH:

On average, get through:

  • 10,000 crackers
  • 500 turkeys
  • 500 Christmas cards
  • And 12,000 mince pies!

We have at least 6 Christmas trees around  the complex, the largest of which is outside and is an impressive 22 feet tall. It was chosen direct from a local Christmas tree farm by, cut and delivered the same day.

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