Striving for Perfection – Hotel Renovations


IMG 3674 thumbnail 150x150 Striving for Perfection   Hotel Renovations“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” -
Winston Churchill – True to these wise words, our resort is always changing and innovating, striving to create the perfect holiday experience for our guests, here at TLH Leisure Resort.

As one of the largest employers and most popular resorts in Torquay we are known across Devon and even further afield for our top facilities. Customers, local and national, return year on year for many reasons but foremost for the high standards and wide ranging facilities that have built up over the years. Read on to see what recent renovations have taken place recently and await you on your next visit. Continue reading

Don’t Miss that Opportunity to Give Great Customer Service!

Tina Priest Blur 150x150 Don’t Miss that Opportunity to Give Great Customer Service!This is Tina our Front of House Manager at the TLH Victoria Hotel. Knowing how important customer service is, it has become second nature to Tina during her career at TLH. In our pre-summer training programme last year we talked about not missing that moment to provide excellent customer service. We looked at various different stories which are still available to view on

I would like to tell you Tina’s story which is an excellent example of great customer service!
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Spa you Man Enough?

4x4 Male facial funny image spa shutterstock 150x150 Spa you Man Enough?When I think spa, I immediately think, girly manicures, robes, fluffy slippers, some kind of face cream and cucumber slices. I couldn’t justify paying to sit around in a dressing gown with cucumber over my eyes, listening to Enya’s greatest hits and cringing whilst a stranger got up close and personal to my unkempt feet and facial features? This was until I enjoyed my first full on spa treatment at the TLH Aztec Spa, Torquay, Devon and now I can’t wait for my next visit! Read on to find out why spas really ARE for men and why I wouldn’t hesitate on going back. Continue reading

6 Reasons Why You Should Do Pilates

Pilates 150x150 6 Reasons Why You Should Do PilatesI had heard a lot about Pilates, mainly from glossy magazines featuring the latest A- lister with gazelle like legs and super toned arms. However, it definitely has more benefits than purely cosmetic. Having done my research and started a class at Torquay’s Aztec Studio, here are my top 6 reasons why you should do Pilates. Continue reading

Outdoor Bowling in Torquay

Greenkeeper 150x150 Outdoor Bowling in Torquay

This is the time of year when outdoor bowlers emerge like butterflies from their winter chrysalises and relish the start of a new season on the greens. Officially the outdoor season starts in April, but with a wet and fairly miserable spring, it is only now that bowlers are really getting in to their stride. And outdoor bowling in Torquay is a real pleasure as we have a wonderful choice of some stunning locations to play. Continue reading