4 New Bowls Rules You Didn’t Know About

jpg1002 150x150 4 New Bowls Rules You Didnt Know About

My daughter Ella and I recently completed an English Bowls Umpires Association (EBUA) Markers Course. I think that anyone new to playing bowls will benefit from taking the course.  We learnt so many things about the game and it’s rules and because of the way bowls has evolved over the years, there have been a lot of rule changes and unfortunately for new players like ourselves, rules change depending on who you play with. Continue reading

Bright Ideas For Your Kids Birthday Party

party intro 150x150 Bright Ideas For Your Kids Birthday PartyI love to plan birthday parties for my son; party games, fancy dress, star-shaped sandwiches, jelly and ice cream but this year he tells me he’s too big for a kids party and wants to do something different, with grown-up food and grown-up games. So I need to up my game plan… Well, he will be 7 after all.

As excitement reached fever-pitch in our house, the final countdown began to my son’s birthday party. I decided to ditch the usual game of ‘how many children and parents can squeeze in our two-up, two-down’ and opted to bring him and his friends to Aztec Games instead to get the grown-up party he wished for.

Continue reading

TLH Toorak Hotel Gardens Awarded First in Bay Blooms Competition 2015

jpg1329 square 150x150 TLH Toorak Hotel Gardens Awarded First in Bay Blooms Competition 2015So the summer is slowly winding down and so too are our hotel gardens. The flowers and trees have blossomed in the summer sun and are now beginning to fade for the winter. Our gardens have been beautiful yet again and the TLH Toorak Hotel has been recognised at the annual Torbay Council Bay Blooms Competition 2015 and was awarded 1st place in the Large Hotel category. Continue reading

Christmas Party in Torquay? TLH has it Covered!

christmas party shutterstock 154934819 150x150 Christmas Party in Torquay? TLH has it Covered!

Celebrate with friends

I don’t think I’m the only one that comes to the realisation that Summer is well and truly over in September and feels that the only way to inject some optimism and excitement into the ever approaching winter months is to book your Christmas party. Torquay, has lots of restaurants but if you don’t want to go to a nightclub afterwards, your entertainment options are fairly limted. Read on to see why a Christmas Party Night at TLH Leisure resort could well be your best option. Continue reading