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5 Reasons to Join an Fitness Class

3 September 2021

Joining a class can help build a foundation and structure that you can use to fuel your personal health journey for years to come. Whether it is dance-based, high energy or in the water, there’s a class for everyone at the Aztec Studio.

Our socially-distanced group classes encourage great results, improves overall health while having fun!

1. Give your Motivation a Boost

Having like-minded individuals can be inspiring and motivating. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced exerciser, you will be able to push yourself beyond your own perceived limitations. Encouraging instructors and friendly faces can boost motivation and keep it going long-term. Team spirit also is something you’ll find in all our classes; everyone travelling towards a similar goal.

2. Structured Environment

Each class is a focussed, regimented way of exercising. You’ll know which part of your body should be working hard, where you are targeting your efforts and time-mananged to get the most from your class. Also, instructors can be a great source of information and can pass on years worth of knowledge.

Pilates at Aztec Studio Torquay

3. Proper Form

Your fitness instructor’s job is to show proper form and also make sure each exercise is being executed safely so you reap the most from your classes. It also helps eliminate injuries that may occur.

4. Accountability

By asking people to sign up to classes, it makes you accountable for your workouts. If you’re signed up and it’s in your diary, there’s a good chance you won’t skip it. Going with a friend also encourages you to keep to the classes and keep up your moral.

5. Lots of Variety and Lots of Fun!

Group classes really are fun and there is a wide variety of classes on offer from the Aztec Studio. From the more calming pilates and yoga to Old Skool Aerobics and a good old Step class, there really is something for everyone. For those who want a more low intensity class, we have Aqua Aerobic classes which take place in our Aztec Pool. When you have a wide variety of classes, you really can pick a class to suit almost anyone. TIMETABLE

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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