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Art on the English Riviera – Artizan Gallery

1 July 2023

Artizan Gallery is an independent fine art gallery dedicated to championing the work of local artists in the South West. Their inviting gallery space offers a professional, affordable venue for both experienced and emerging artists, as well as providing a venue for events, groups and workshops. Working from their base in the English Riviera, the gallery also manages pop-up spaces across Torbay and the South West. FIND OUT MORE

The gallery is situated just a minute’s walk from TLH Leisure Resort on the historic Lucius Street, a quaint, untouched road of independent retailers.

Artizan Gallery, Torquay

Atrtizan Gallery Presents Inspiring July Exhibitions: Exploring the ‘World in Landscape’

Artizan Gallery is thrilled to announce a series of captivating exhibitions that will take place from 5th July to 29th July, with a launch event on 7th July from 18:00-20:00. These thought-provoking shows bring together the distinct artistic visions of Bea Brookes, Danielle Neill, and Ian Watson, offering a rich exploration of our diverse world through the medium of landscape art. Artizan Gallery 7 Lucius Street, Torquay


‘Reflection Of Sky, Water and Land’ – Bea Brookes

Brookes draws inspiration from the panoramic landscapes that surround her Devon home, residing atop a hill with breathtaking vistas. Her artistic process involves meticulous development from initial sketches, photographs, and repeated visits to observe and capture the essence of a place. Brookes employs a combination of imagination and careful consideration of layout, perspective, and colour palette, crafting her paintings with a deep connection to the landscapes she portrays. The organic and evocative nature of her works invites viewers on a journey through her unique artistic perspective.



‘Reconnecting with Nature’ – Danielle Neill

This marks Neill’s first showcase at Artizan Gallery, and she brings a fresh and invigorating perspective to the theme of the ‘World in Landscape.’ Following a period of recovery from Long Covid, Neill found solace in plein air sketches during her coastal walks. Translating these sketches into larger works back in the studio, she utilizes acrylics and a variety of tools, including her hands, to create dynamic textures and movements on the canvas. Her artworks reflect a departure from strict representation, focusing instead on capturing the energy and essence of the spaces that envelop her. Through vibrant colours and expressive brushwork, Neill’s paintings provide viewers with a vivid and impressionistic glimpse into her personal interpretation of the world.


‘Destination Postponed’ – Ian Watson

Watson’s artistic exploration stems from a desire to capture the essence of places he thought he would never visit again. During lockdown, he delved into his old sketchbooks, carefully selecting and combining drawings to develop compositions that conjure memories. Watson consciously avoids creating glossy tourist imagery, instead opting for a painterly approach that mimics the tangible and imperfect surfaces of the real world.

Permanent Exhibitions

Spotlight – 10 September 2022 – 10 September 2023 – Princess Theatre, Torquay – Supported by Arts Council England, Spotlight is one of four artist-led projects, focusing on the life and survival of regional theatres following the immense impact of COVID on the arts. Each theatre is a regional, “local” UK theatre in the Ambassador Theatre Group, which also operates theatres across the globe, from Broadway to the West End. FIND OUT MORE

Spotlight Exhibition Artizan

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