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What is an ELEMIS BIOTEC Facial?

15 October 2020

The last few years has seen a huge increase in aesthetic, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, from Botox to fillers and everything in between, but the tide is turning. Many of us are now asking for more natural treatments, with fewer risks.

Skincare specialists ELEMIS have responded to the trend and have created a revolutionary skincare system with their BIOTEC facials, now available at the Aztec Spa in Torquay.

What is BIOTEC?

ELEMIS are proud of their scientific approach to skincare and have certainly done their research when developing BIOTEC. The system delivers highly effective, super-charged facial treatments using a range of specially developed products with a mix of hands-on massage and micro-currents. The micro-currents are delivered via the BIOTEC machine, using a variety of probes and rollers, depending on the facial.

BIOTEC Rollers

The idea is that the micro-currents, combined with more traditional massage, reboots cellular performance, enhancing the skin’s ability to repair, renew and re-tone. The results are more effective and longer lasting than a regular ‘hands-on’ only facial.

Read more about the BIOTEC technologies

Why have an ELEMIS BIOTEC facial?

ELEMIS make bold claims about their BIOTEC facials, saying they are scientifically proven to increase cell energy by 27%. It is this cell energy which keeps our skin looking plump and radiant and there’s no doubt that the way we live our lives in the 21st century contributes to a depletion in cell renewal.

If you have any skin concerns and are looking for the next level of skin care, but don’t want to go down the cosmetic road, then BIOTEC could be for you.

What’s involved in an ELEMIS BIOTEC facial?

There is a menu of ELEMIS BIOTEC facials to choose from and your therapist will discuss what is right for you during your consultation.

  1. The skin is cleansed, toned and prepared with an exfoliation. High potency activators are applied to the skin which provide the catalytic power behind the facials and allow the products to penetrate deep into the skin.
  2. The micro-current is used, delivered via a either small rollers or a wand which are moved over the face. It depends on the facial you are having as to which implement is used. The micro-current is the only aesthetic technology that can physically firm and tone the skin and really does work very well. And, surprisingly, it doesn’t hurt one bit. The most you are likely to feel is a slight tingling.
  3. A hydrating mask is applied and you will be given a hand, arm and scalp massage. Relaxation and a sense of being pampered are still very much at the forefront of the treatment, despite the 21st century technology.
  4. A serum and moisturiser is applied to finish the treatment. A full facial treatment takes 60 minutes. but half hour treatments are also available – a perfect way to trial  the treatment or as a way of ‘topping up’ afterwards.
How much is an ELEMIS BIOTEC facial?

The Aztec Spa in Torquay are the only Torquay spa to currently offer ELEMIS BIOTEC facials. A 60 minute facial costs £72; 30 minutes is £45.
Book a course of 6 ELEMIS BIOTEC treatments and only pay for 5! For more details and to book, head to our Aztec Spa page. FIND OUT MORE



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