What is Twixmas?

Twixmas at TLH

What is Twixmas? Well, you know those twilight days between Christmas and the New Year, when most of us barely make it out of our pyjamas and we eat our own body weight in chocolates and leftovers? That’s Twixmas.

The word itself stems from the old fashioned word ‘betwixt’, meaning between. It can be a peculiar few days,  between the 27th and 30th December,  when families are often thrown together and  the dangerous combination of too much food, drink and boredom can have unpleasant consequences!

The cycnical amongst you may say its a word dreamt up by the holiday industry as a way of packaging up a short break at traditionally a fairly quite time. We obviously disagree with this preposterous suggestion and would encourage anyone to take a look at some of the great value options around at this time of year!

So, rather than sit glued to the TV or squabbling over Scrabble, why not get away for a few days?

It really does make a lot of sense, and here’s why:

No extra holidays needed

You’re either on compulsory holiday anyway because your office shuts over Christmas, or you’ve already booked the days off, because who wants to sit at work when most of the population are relaxing. Some years there are even extra bank holidays to compensate for Christmas Day being on a weekend so you are in a win-win situation. Book a few days away and you could get a nice long break without having to take extra holiday!

Derwent Hotel - Christmas
Derwent Hotel – Christmas

You work over Christmas and/or New Year

On the other hand, you may be one of our hardworking emergency service personnel, or in the services or maybe work in the hospitality industry. Time off on Christmas Day itself may be rarer than hen’s teeth, but if you’re off from the 27th then you can have your own amazing Christmas celebrations away..

Photo of hot chocolate by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash-
Festive hot drinks

Fantasic value

A short break at Twixmas is invariably a much cheaper option than being away over Christmas itself. However, it’s more than likely you will still get all the festive trimmings and treats which you would get if you stayed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Chritmas, Twixmas and New Year festive fun
Chritmas, Twixmas and New Year festive fun

Quality time together

Christmas is all about family but if you can’t all be together actually over Christmas, then why not get away for Twixmas instead? Relax together knowing there will be no fighting over who does the washing up!

Family Christmas dinner in the TLH Victoria HOtel
Family Christmas dinner

Treat yourself

Family time is wonderful, of course, but very often the brunt of the work is left to one or two family members. If you’re about to drop and are fed up of the cooking, cleaning and shopping which seems to have lasted since October, then it’s time to recharge your batteries! Take a short break at Twixmas and face the New Year feeling rested and refreshed.

Female Pressure Point Side View 2. Aztec Spa
Aztec Spa

Where to go?


We may be biased, but Torquay has a lot to offer at this time of year. Bracing walks on the seafront, Christmas lights along the harbourside and of course the traditional seaside pantomime. Stay at one of TLH Leisure Resort’s hotels and you will also find round the clock festive entertainment and activities. And with prices starting at £165 for 3 nights, plus kids under 10 go free, a Twixmas short break seems like not such a bad idea after all.

English Riviera Christmas
English Riviera Christmas




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